7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Delegate Event App

If you’re a serious event organiser, an event app could be one more product that you should consider investing in. It’s a specific way to engage your attendees through a mobile platform and it paves the way for a better attendee experience.

You may be asking yourself: why should I invest in another product if I’m already equipped with my web-based event management software? Here are some selling points that you may want to consider:

  1. Offline Functionality

A dedicated delegate event app has specific functions that your attendees would be able to enjoy at any time. Since the app is downloaded to their mobile devices, they may choose to navigate the app even when they’re offline (as opposed to event websites).

  1. Viewing Event Details through an Event Software App

An event software app could be one way for your attendees to appreciate important details. You would not want your attendees to feel like they are diving into something which they know nothing about. Through the app, they may be able to see the seating arrangement, the floor plan, the program, the sponsors, the speakers, and even the attendee list – all in one place. These fine points are important for them to set realistic expectations for the event. See more information about event management app features here.

  1. User Contribution

Furthermore, an event app will allow your attendees to engage in specific activities that can let them contribute to your event. Their voice as consumers is important that is why there should be two-way interaction between you and them. On the day of the event, they may be able to give comments regarding a speaker’s session or fill out surveys. Since event organisers will also need to create reports after the event, first-hand information obtained from the attendees is vital for an objective evaluation.

  1. Push Notifications through an iOS Event App or Android Event App

An iOS event app or an Android event app may have the capability to deliver push notifications to your attendees. These notifications could range from simple things like session reminders to comment replies. As per usual, they would have the liberty to turn these notifications off if they find them a nuisance.

  1. An iOS or Android App Event Solution Syncs with Other Technologies

Perhaps one of the most important features of an iOS or Android app event solution is that it allows for synchronisation with the event website and registration database. Should there be major changes pertaining to the event, your attendees will be in the know. If you also activate the guest list module in the app, users will know who else are coming to the event.

  1. Live Q&A and Polls

An event app may also facilitate live Q&A between speakers and the audience. Should the attendees have specific questions for the speaker, they can simply flag them through the app and the speaker may be able to see and address them per his or her own priority. On the other hand, speakers may require attendees to answer polls through the app to make their point on stage or to conduct a quick research.

  1. Matchmaking and 1-2-1 Meetings

Last but not the least, an event app can be used to set “matchmaking” meetings among delegates. These 1-2-1 meetings can be easily facilitated by letting an attendee set the agenda, time, and venue of one session with another attendee. For academic and professional conferences, this type of networking tool is very useful to organise precious interaction among subject experts or enthusiasts.

In Conclusion

In order for you to gain more insight as to why event organisers are continually investing in a delegate event app, think of it this way: most web-based solutions today employ mobile apps for user convenience and for portability. A really good example is Facebook. While you may always open the social media service through an internet browser, you may prefer to use the app on your phone instead. The same goes for event technologies. If you truly want a bespoke and convenient user experience for your attendees, an event app fits the description just right.