There are many reasons why event organisers are looking for an event app for iPad and Android tablets. Tablets, which are portable devices, have become common working tools in the last five years since they may be substitutes to laptops or personal computers. A good opportunity where event organisers can use tablets is for registration and check-in.

Event organisers may set up kiosk-like tablets on the day of the event as long as they are able to secure them using locks and stands. Through this service, on-the-spot attendees will be able to register themselves by simply filling out text fields and, if applicable, by paying through online payment methods.

Another reason why event organisers may look for an event app for iPad and Android tablets is that their check-in staff can use it on the day of the event. For attendees who are not computer savvy, a staff  member can simply use the tablet to ask for an attendee’s personal details and assist him or her in paying through a credit card (for example). This registration station may be situated at the entrance in order to allow for registrations and check-in done on the fly.

Lastly, an event registration software provider may also create a delegate event app which will allow attendees to do various functions on the day of the event. By using the event app for iPad and Android tablets, attendees can check pertinent event details such as the agenda and program schedule at any time they wish. There’s no more need for printed agendas and schedules. They may also use their tablets in order to secure meetings with other delegates as well as participate in in-app processes like leaving reviews for speakers and sharing event highlights through social media.